Training Materials and Resources

Below you will find a list of courses offered to increase your knowledge and understanding of the travel insurance industry, state specific regulations and laws and tips and tricks on expanding your consumer base. Some of these are short videos, others are PDF documents.

If you are viewing the PDF documents you will need to have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine.

Course 1500 - Travel Retailer Training

Covers responsibilities of selling retail travel insurance.
1. Travel Retailer Licensing Regulations
Covering your responsibilities as an employee of your company under the Travel Retailer Licensing Regulations.
Wed Jul 29 2020

Course 1600 - TripAssure Site Demonstration

Chapter 1 - Agent Dashboard
1. Chapter 1 - Agent Dashboard
Tour our newly designed Agent Dashboard!
Fri Jan 08 2021
2. Chapter 2 - Quotes
Check out the features of our brand new Quick Quote!
3. Chapter 3 - Enrollments
Follow along as we demonstrate the same enrollment process with a new design!
32. Chapter 4 - Agent Tools & Consumer Portal
Take a detailed look at the agent tools available to you as a TripAssure Agent!